Our Equipment & Resources  

Lego Mindstorms

We have a massive Lego Mindstorms collection from RCXs and CyberMaster, through NXTs all the way to EV3s for Young Engineers to build simple or large complex interactive robots.

Lego & Technic

Our lego inventory includes dozens of carefully selected sets, as well as bucketloads of classic and technic elements to give Young Engineers practically limitless means for realizing their dreamed-up designs.


For more advanced exploration we have Fischertechnik kits focused on robotics, mechanics and computing. This robust german- made construction system lends itself to structures far more resilient than Lego, and is used at university level in engineering education.


Young Engineers into exploring nuts-and-bolts construction can work with our Meccano / Erector collection. Apart from beams, rods and plates we carry a considerable quantity of motors, gears, pulleys, chains, sprockets etc for making complex mechanical wonders.

Tech Cemetery

We keep a carefully selected inventory of interesting old toys, machines, electronics, printers etc. suitable for Young Engineers to take apart and learn from. These resources are used in some of our most popular activities (Tech Disection, Junk Build).


Arduino is a microcontroller which can be used for building digital devices and robotics projects. Arduino is suited to advanced users.

Raspberry Pi 

The Raspberry Pi is a mini computer that enables users to explore computing and programming. 


Electronics Lab

We have a well equipped lab, with various learning resources, including Oscilloscopes, Logic Analysers, Multi Meters, Bench Power Supplies, Soldering Stations, as well as a wide variety of educational kits specially designed for various levels of understanding in Electronics. 

Science Gear

We have and make equipment to inspire awe and demonstrate scientific principles. We look for opportunities to reveal the scientific principles behind engineering practice.


One person's junk is another kid's building materials. Common throw away items and obsolete goods are great for learning about materials, mechanics, recycling and upcycling while also encouraging great creativity.   


We continuously review the latest STEM teaching aids and have a broad range of STEM kits that we use in our classes. 

YEW Kits

We spend a good deal of time doing research and development and creating our own STEM kits that are used in our programs. 

3D Printers

We have our own hand built RepRap 3D printers with which we not only teach Young Engineers about 3D printing, but also about how to make their own 3D printer.


We keep a sufficient number of laptop computers and tablets for our Young Engineers to use during sessions.

Construction Kits

In addition to the construction toys previously mentioned, we have an abundance of other construction toys including K'nex, Livecube, Uberstix and more.


We stay up to date, test and evaluate the latest offerings in STEM and educational software, the best of which we acquire and utilize in our programs. 

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