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City of the Future
Holiday Program, Ages 8+ 

We will be using Lego, Lego Technic, Lego Mindstorms and a variety of other equipment to create a futuristic city. This project is an exciting way to explore multiple engineering fields such as mechanical engineering, civil engineering and robotics. We will work individually and as a team to design and build structures, buildings, bridges, vehicles, traffic lights and mass transit trains. Specific components of the city can be programmed for a desired behavior, such as a train crossroads barrier that is programed to come down when the train approaches. Imagination, design, problem solving and teamwork will be key to this project.

This project is suitable for a variety of experience levels and the potential is limitless.

Thursday-Friday July 12th-13th, 9:00-3:00*

Young Engineers Workshop, Botany $189

*Extended hours for working parents subject to availability at  Contact us to inquire.

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