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  Our Equipment and Resources, ages 5-99  


We are experts in sotfware engineering and use many different teaching tools including Scratch, Python, Minecraft and more.



  Junk Build  

Junk Build is a great activity which suits all different levels using junk and recycled componants.

  Tech Disection  

Taking apart equipment is a favourite activity. It's a great way to learn about kinds of componants and how they work together. 

  3D Printing  

3D printing is likely the next revolution in goods production. This activity teaches design... MORE 

  CAD/3D Modelling  

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Robotics provides an opportunity to practice a culmination of activities including design, electronics, mechanics and programming.

We have a well equipped lab, with various learning resources, including Oscilloscopes, Logic Analysers, Multi Meters, Bench Power Supplies, Soldering Stations, as well as a wide variety of educational kits specially designed for various levels of understanding in Electronics. 

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