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 Sound Electronics
Holiday Program

Circuits that make sound are an engaging way to learn about electronics. In this holiday program we will explore such circuits. YEW has a well equipped electronics lab for young learners. We limit this workshop to 6-8 students and plan our sessions to accommodate beginner and more experienced students.


This workshop will be a mixture of group activities, 

demonstrations and individual projects. With a focus on sound, we will explore sound generators, amplifiers and radio.


Students will also build and take home their own Digital Electronic Synthesizer. This circuit senses electrical resistance within objects and converts it into distinctive sounds. Students can experiment with hooking it up to various objects such as fruit, temperature sensors, drawings and even human skin. Students will learn to first prototype this circuit on a breadboard. Then they will solder their own circuit on veroboard to take home. 


This activity is suitable for both beginners and more experienced students. Beginners will wonder at the magic of this circuit. More experienced participants will begin to understand the principles behind how the circuit works and deepen their understanding and practice of electronics. 

The more you build, the more you learn.


Tues-Wed April 18th-19th, 9:00-3:00*

Botany, Auckland $169

*Extended hours for working parents subject to availability. Contact us to inquire.

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