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 Electronics Holiday Program
ages 8-14

YEW has a well equipped electronics lab for young learners to explore the magical and exciting world of magnetism, radio communications, electricity and electronics.  New comers get a broad introduction to basic principles, tools and components, and build circuits from various kits suitable for a range of skill and understanding levels. More experienced participants solder together components and ICs to build more advanced circuits, explore programming microcontrollers and interfacing them with an array of sensors and output devices, and learn to use more advanced tools such as oscilloscopes and logic analyzers.  Those wanting to take things even further can enquire about our FPGA .  


We limit this workshop to 6-8 students and plan our sessions to accommodate beginner and more experienced students in a mixture of group activities, demonstrations and individual projects. Prospective participants should let us know what their skill level is prior to attending the workshop.


Monday-Tuesday July 16th-17th 2018 9:00-3:00*

Howick, Auckland $189

*Extended hours for working parents subject to availablility. Contact us to inquire.

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