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Euclid's Elements (Classical Greek text on Geometry) has been part of the core maths curriculum for close to 2000 years. The Elements are not just important to mathematics, the process of precise formulation and close reasoning has determined the shape of modern science and logic. Albert Einstein said that a copy of The Elements was a great influence to him as a child. Abraham Lincoln studied Euclid's Elements rigorously and used the same system of reasoning to build his arguments throughout his political career.


In modern times, we take for granted this knowledge and understanding and Geometrical proofs are increasingly being dropped from school curriculum. We think this is a shame because geometrical proof is good brain training.

As with all of our programs, we use a hands-on approach ​to teaching geometry. First we focus on building vocabulary and core conceptual understanding through tactile and visual activities. Then we introduce proof through visual means, by using colours and symbols instead of letters. This method can make proof more intuitive and more accessible to younger people. 

This class is for a maximum of 4 students.

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