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Python Programming II

Why learn Python? Python is very accessible to all levels. However, it is also a professional grade 

programming language and is currently the second most highly paid among programming languages. Python is also very flexible and is used in many contexts including robotics. Even if students don't pursue this line of career, learning to code is good brain training as it's one of the most effective ways to develop abstract thinking. It can also be a gateway into advanced mathematics. And of course, it is fun!


Why us? Besides being a Physics, Mathematics and Engineering enthusiast, Najam has been a professional software developer for over 25 years, in both industry and university research labs. He stays current on new technologies and techniques but believes that great work is only done with a solid theoretical foundation. We keep classes small and care about quality education.

Students must have taken Into to Python Programming to attend this program. Classes are 1.5 hours and include both lesson and practical work. There may be approximately 1 hour of homework with each class. We highly recommend students bring their own laptops to make the transition between classwork and homework easier. 

6-week program $235

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