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Ages 8+

We're delving into robotics through a variety of exciting robotics kits which could include Lego Mindstorms, Edison, Ozobot and advanced Jimu robots. Our goal will be to build, program and explore as many robots as we can. Students will practice building from technical diagrams, understand how mechanisms work, learn coding and improve their problem solving skills. 

This program is suitable for a variety of levels from beginners to more advanced students. Continuing students will work at their level and be challenged with more advanced tasks and projects.

Session 1: October 1st-2nd (Mon-Tues)  9:00-3:00*


Session 2: October 3rd-4th (Wed-Thurs) 9:00-3:00*

$189/ session or $350/ 4 days

*Extended hours for working parents subject to availability at $10/hour. Contact us to inquire.

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