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Monday & Wednesday (excludes Tuesday ANZAC Day)

April 24th-26th, 9:00-3:00*

Young Engineers Workshop, $159

*Extended hours for working parents subject to availability. Contact us to inquire.

Robotics: Smart Machines
Holiday Program, Ages 8+ 

We are surrounded by Smart Machines and the number of them in our environment continues to grow. Whether it's an elevator, cell phone or prosthetic arm, Smart Machines make our lives easier, better and more productive. Our mission is to help jump start our Young Engineers to be a part of building a better future. 

Robotics is an exciting way to explore multiple engineering fields such as mechanical engineering, electronics and coding. YEW has a well equipped lab with an abundance of robotics resources which can accommodate a variety of levels.


Beginning students will interact with, explore and program prebuilt robots and can build robots from instructions. Experienced students will design, build and program their own robots to solve problems. We limit this workshop to 6-8 students.

The more you build, the more you learn.

Students who attend this workshop can continue and incorporate their projects into our Smart Cities Holiday Program.

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