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YEW Student Wins at Science Fair

We're very proud of Gareth Choo, Year 7 student at Somerville Intermediate, who placed 2nd at the 2017 NIWA Manukau Science Fair. For his science project, Gareth built an electromagnetic coil train, formulated his own scientific questions, ran experiments and created a compelling poster.

Gareth began exploring electricity and magnetism two years ago in our Electronics Holiday Program. Among the other activities in that program, he built a motor from scratch. Last year, he built a 100% recycled flashlight in our Afterschool Workshop, soldering the circuit from parts he harvested in old electronics.

Gareth has dedicated parents who have put him in our programs consistently for almost 3 years. One afternoon per week may seem like a small amount of time to spend on an area of interest. But 40 weeks per year done over 3 years adds up. Persistence leads to outstanding results.

For us, it has been very rewarding to watch Gareth flourish. He has taken knowledge and skills he picked up in our programs and applied them towards greater growth and development.

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